Condado`s Strategic Partnership with an International Pharmaceutical Company Optimizing Five9 Contact Center

Client Overview

Our client, a prominent international pharmaceutical company, relies heavily on effective communication through its contact center to address inquiries, provide support, and ensure seamless interactions with healthcare professionals and customers. The company has been a long-time user of the Five9 contact center solution but recognized the need for a reliable Managed Services Partner to enhance its operational efficiency.


The pharmaceutical company faced challenges in managing the day-to-day operations of its Five9 contact center efficiently. This included the constant need for reviewingand resolving cases, adding new users to the system, and ensuring that contact scripts were updated in real-time to align with evolving business needs. Recognizing the importance of these functions for the success of their customer engagement, the company sought a capable Managed Services Partner.


Condado, with its proven expertise in managed services and commitment to delivering tailored solutions, emerged as the ideal partner for the pharmaceutical company. The partnership aimed to alleviate the burden of daily operations, enhance system performance, and ensure the contact center aligned seamlessly with the pharmaceutical company`s objectives.


Condado took a proactive and comprehensive approach to address the client`s challenges:

Daily Case Review

Condado established a dedicated team to conduct daily reviews of cases within the Five9 platform. This involved identifying and resolving issues promptly, ensuring uninterrupted contact center operations.

User Management

Condado streamlined the process of adding new users to the Five9 system, ensuring a quick and efficient onboarding experience for new agents. This involved coordinating with HR and IT teams to facilitate seamless user integration.

Script Updates

Recognizing the dynamic nature of the pharmaceutical industry, Condado implemented a systematic approach to updating call center scripts and call flows. This included real-time updates to contact scripts, ensuring that agents always had access to the latest and most relevant information during customer interactions.

Performance Optimization

Condado continuously monitored and optimized the performance of the Five9 contact center, identifying areas for improvement and implementing strategic enhancements to enhance overall efficiency.


The partnership between Condado and the international pharmaceutical company resulted in significant improvements across various key performance indicators:

1. Operational Efficiency
2. Scalability
2. Adaptability
3. Enhanced Customer Experience


Condado`s strategic partnership with the international pharmaceutical company showcases the effectiveness of a dedicated Managed Services approach in maximizing the potential of contact center solutions. By taking over crucial functions such as daily case review, user management, and call script updates, Condado empowered the client to focus on its core business while ensuring a seamless and responsive customer engagement experience throughthe Five9 platform.