CX Consulting

Maximize the efficiency of your call center with the help of Condado. With 20+ years of experience in managing call centers, our experts help you streamline operations, enhance productivity, and increase customer satisfaction.

About Condado 

Founded in 2005, Condado has dedicated itself to enhancing customer experience for businesses. Our hard work has made us leaders in consulting and implementing contact centers and CRM solutions. We pride ourselves on our expertise, honesty, and teamwork, always focusing on delivering tangible results for our clients.

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Our Process:


Initial Consultation and Goal Setting 

We carry out an initial consultation to understand your current challenges and outline your goals and expectations.


Analyze Existing Operations

Our team then conducts a thorough analysis of your existing operations and performance metrics.


Conduct Gap Analysis

We leverage the results of our analysis to compare your current operations to industry best practices. This allows us to pinpoint areas for improvement.


Develop A Tailored Strategy

Our expert CX consultants analyze all the gathered information and data to create a customized plan to optimize your contact center’s performance.


Create Business Cases

Condado develops a detailed business case for each project including expected outcomes, resources required, and success metrics.


Provide Training

We provide extensive training to your employees to make the adoption of new technological processes easier.


Reporting and Performance Tracking

Our team works hard to ensure a smooth transition by regularly tracking performance metrics and providing constructive feedback.