Condado Group assists a BPO to deliver a robust cloud-based solution to handle seasonal surges in call volume

Client Overview

Our client, a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company specializing in healthcare services, serves states delivering healthcare services to the public. Their clients see huge variability in call volumes during certain times of the year. They also use custom solutions to deliver their services effectively.


The pharmaceutical company faced challenges in managing the day-to-day operations of its Five9 contact center efficiently. This included the constant need for reviewingand resolving cases, adding new users to the system, and ensuring that contact scripts were updated in real-time to align with evolving business needs. Recognizing the importance of these functions for the success of their customer engagement, the company sought a capable Managed Services Partner.


Condado Group stepped in to provide a robust and scalable solution to address the BPO`s challenges. Leveraging their expertise in cloud-based contact center solutions, Condado Group migrated the BPO to NICE CXone, a leading platform known for its reliability, scalability, and advanced features.


The migration to NICE CXone and setup of state agencies involved the following steps:

Assessment and Planning

Condado Group conducted a thorough assessment of the BPO`s existing infrastructure and requirements, identifying pain points and outlining a strategic plan for migration and setup.

Migration to NICE CXone

Condado Group seamlessly migrated the BPO`s contact center operations to NICE CXone, leveraging the platform`s cloud-based architecture to ensure scalability and reliability during peak traffic periods.

Managed Services

Condado Group assumed responsibility for managing the set up and integration of the contact center technology, providing ongoing support, monitoring, and optimization to ensure smooth operations throughout the year, and especially during peak demand in the fourth quarter of each year.


The partnership between Condado and the international pharmaceutical company resulted in significant improvements across various key performance indicators:

1. Improved Scalability
2. Enhanced Efficiency
3. Reliable Support
4. Compliance and Security


Condado Group`s swift and strategic intervention provided the BPO company with a resilient solution to address the challenges encountered during the Open Enrollment Period.By migrating to NICE CXone and providing comprehensive Managed Services, Condado Group empowered the BPO to navigate peak traffic periods with confidence while maintaining the highest standards of service delivery and compliance.